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Below are the 14 most recent journal entries recorded in Tara's LiveJournal:

Wednesday, January 21st, 2004
7:55 pm
something worthwhile
So I know I never post, but I finally found something woth posting. This is thanks to Tommy....it was in his away message. I just thought the quiz in general was cool. It actually asked like interesting questions. So yeah....I guess while I'm posting I'll actually write a bit aboot my life. Break was fun...lots of sleep, work at Sam Ash (Sam's Ass).....hung with the roomie...hung with friends from home. The best time, though, was definitely getting dim sum and bubble tea with my brothers, sister-in-law, and niece the last day I was home. I always complain aboot never having eaten in Philly's Chinatown....this gave me the best of both worlds....dim sum is wierd, but awesome. It was a fun day. And for those of you who have never had bubble tea...TRY IT!!! it's awesome....and the tapioca is even more fun when you're done with the drink! Classes are good so far...I had 1 on Tuesday - Intro to Literature:Drama. Tuesdays and Thursdays rock cause I only have 1 class from 11-12:20....today I had an 8:00 Algebra and Trig class, which is MWF. Then I took a nap, went to the Wednesdays at 11 session cause it was required for my lit class. I was REALLY hoping I'd NEVER have to go to another one of those....grrness for requirements (I'm shaking my fist right now, if you couldn't tell). Then I had lunch, Discovering Society, which is gonna be wierd...basically a Sociology class....then did homework, had band, and dinner....and here I am!! So Lisa wants to watch American Idol now....so I'm gonna go!! Hope everyone is good and having fun and all that good stuff!!!

Your wings are DRAGON wings. Massive and
covered in scales, they shimmer with strength
and magic. They are the most obvious display of
your power - though it runs equally throughout
your heart and mind. You are uncompromising and
grave, with a profound sense of justice. You
have firm ideas about what is right and what is
wrong and set out to fix what problems you can.
You realize that you are more capable of
dealing with life and evil than most, and as
such you see it as your responsibility to
protect those who cannot defend themselves. You
have existed since antiquity and as such you
are wise far beyond your years in this
lifetime. While you strive for fairness and
peace, if someone should steal from your cave
of treasure (though not all that glitters is
gold) or compromise the happiness of you or one
who is close to you - they have signed their
death warrant. You have a mighty vengeance and
will unleash it upon such people immediately
and mercilessly. Arguing with you is
useless...you rarely back down and are known
for holding firm in your beliefs. Sometimes you
feel intensely burdened with the troubles of
others...acting as a Guardian can get so
wearisome. But you never give up...you see it
as your life's mission. Often very introverted,
you can be so smart...it's scary. Such a
combination of intelligence, creativity, power,
beauty, and magic is often intimidating to
those around you - who are also unlikely to
understand you. Arrogant, proud, overserious,
and sometimes a bit greedy or obsessed with
whatever treasure you choose to pursue...you
have enchanted people for centuries, and will
continue to do so.

*~*~*Claim Your Wings - Pics and Long Answers*~*~*
brought to you by Quizilla
Saturday, November 8th, 2003
8:34 pm
more quizzes
My brother is the king of LJ quizzes, and I love it!!! This one is perfect....check it out!!

My sphere is Knight (Know Loyalty and Respect), and my class is Defender (Peaceful, yet Potent).

I am a Retainer.

To be a Retainer is to be the ultimate Knight. When the kings of old were threatened, or faced with any obstacle of special note, it was the Retainer they called upon to act in the liege's name. To be an excellent Retainer is to bring great honor to yourself and those you work for, while instilling happiness and security in the people around you.

What kind of Warrior are you?

BTW...I'm going to see the Matrix again tonite....a friend offered to pay since I was cheated out of a few bucks last night and still owe for my ticket....and I've spent so much recently that I don't wanna get any more out of the ATM...thank goodness I'm getting out of this dorm room...I need to get my mind off things!! I've cooled down a lot from yesterday and I wish my roomie was here so I could clear things up, but until that can happen I need to not think about it....I feel bad, but I don't feel like I need to apologize. It's nothing that I wanted to blow out of proportion....I just didn't want to talk about it when I was in a tired, grumpy mood! My mom even tried to lecture me on the phone. I know the way I deal with people is unconventional, but it's what makes sense to me. If you don't get it....don't try....Enough said, I don't want to dwell on this. Later!

Current Mood: relieved
Friday, November 7th, 2003
11:11 pm
on a happier note....
I know, 2 posts is hard to handle...especially from me.....but keep breathine, everything will be ok!!! Matrix Revolutions was pretty awesome....not exactly the ending I expected....I kinda wanted them to get out of the cycle of the Matrix starting over and all....but the fights were cool and all. I think I need to go see it again to fully absorb it, though. My friends teased me about this.....which is total crap cause they cry at every little thing....but I cried when Trinity died. Their relationship was one of my favorite parts of the movie!!! They rooted each other on and saved each other and all!!! There were some totally chedder parts....like when Neo was blind and he was like "I think you're gonna have to drive" to Trinity....LOL....we all laughed. The fights were pretty damn cool....we cheered after a couple. One question....Why the HELL did it take Neo so long to figure out that the evil guy on his ship was Smith??? I mean, who else calls him Mr. Anderson?? I realize that Smith isn't usually in the "real world" but still! Even that guy's manerisms were like Smith!!! I saw it like 20 minutes ahead!!! Jeez, stupid people in movies....LOL....anyway, I guess that's about it....sad the trilogy is over. Speaking of trilogies, the last LOTR comes out on December 17th!!!!! Can't wait!!!! I'll be sad to see that one end, too....but it will be awesome, I know it!!! OK, well people better reply to these!!!! Maybe I'll post again in another month or so!! HEHE....
10:55 pm
is it possible to feel the fucking love???
OK....so I know I never post. Honestly, I think journals of any kind are pretty pointless. But I figure this is pretty post-worthy. I realize I am a newcomer to the group, that's a given, and I would like to find friends in my class so that I can actually have people to live with in the coming years and to come back to after I study abroad.....At the beginning of the year, I felt EXTREMELY welcomed into this group, and I love you guys for that. I had so much fun....I told all of my family and friends how much I loved it. But now some of it is getting old....It was brought to my attention by someone at home that I'm the one that spreads that whole callin people crappy thing....so be it.....I'm sorry. It was funny for a while, but I talked to a certaing someone (I think you know who you are) about the fact that it was starting to bother me and we tried to get the group to stop. Sara and Nikki still do it, but I don't get the same vibe from them. I don't mind it at all when they do it cause it's completely in a joking manner....like with my friends and my brother at home. And I love SMO to death, she is nothing but nice to me and I try my hardest to do the same....and Weezer is just Weezer...what can I say about her?? She's awesome....I guess you know the one left. How is she supposed to be my "Momma Bear" if she's the one that hurts me the most?? I told her it bothered me and she seems to do it more!!! Sure, I haven't completely stopped, but I'm trying to change. I love most things about myself, but college is all about change, right?? This is one thing I'm trying to change!! We've talked about how I'm not too supportive, I just wasn't raised that way....my parents and I aren't real close or anything....but I can be fucking compassionate if I want to and if I feel it back. The joke has gone too far. I know the past couple of days have been shit for some people and I'm sorry to bring this up now, but tonight was the final straw. At the diner with the whole...oh you thought I called you sweetie??? Couldn't you see I was pissed after that?? I guess not, cause you kept at it!!! I was having so much fun and I hate trying to get to know people when I'm in a bad mood. Sean is awesome and I wish I was in a good frame of mind to get to know him. On the way home I cried....do you know how rare that is? ONE of my friends at home has seen me cry...I HATE to cry. Don't try to talk to me about this tonite....or even tomorrow maybe.....especially since I know you're in a crappy state of mind too. I'm glad you got your other situation figured out, but here comes a whole new one. Hooray for drama....let's start feeling the fucking love!!!!!

Current Mood: distressed
Monday, October 6th, 2003
12:54 am
Let me 'splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up...
OK...first of all you ALL better know what movie that is from....if you don't you can't be my friend anymore....muahahaha
Well, I haven't posted in over a week, so there's a lot to say....I really hafta do this more often so I don't have to type so much at once...well, here goes...
I haven't hung out with that guy again yet. He seemed so awesome last week, but now the whole thing just seems wierd. I dunno....I talk to him online...and I would love to get to know him better and all...and he's totally hot, but it's just wierd...
Coming home is the wierdest thing ever! I feel like I've missed so much. I went to the Lenape band competition last night and Cinnaminson ROCKED!! They got 2nd place, but they should have gotten first. I'm really not being biased here, I thought they were awesome. Anyway, it was just wierd to see everyone again. It's so different. Different couples, new members....it's just odd. I miss it so much tho. We don't have marching band at school...and as much as I hated basics and hated the drama and hated a drum major every year and hated our director....I really miss it. I miss the friendships that did exist...I don't know. I'm glad to get away from it tho. I love my new friends so much....and in a way this is good....when I come back to Cinnaminson I can basically see the people I WANT to see...I'm not forced to see ppl I don't want to see every day.
I watched the movie Desperado tonite....it was awesome, but I definitely thought Johnny Depp was in it...and he wasn't. He's int he sequel, which I heard sucked, but I must see anyway....I love Johnny Depp....
So continue about fueds from previous entries...I don't remember if I talked about Colleen before....We got in a fight because I asked her what was wrong and she wouldn't tell me because she thought I would tell another one of my friends....BS....Well, there went my trust for her and I stopped talking to her. So last night at the Competition she ran up to me and hugged me and said she missed me so much....and then today she IMed me and invited me to the band football game. So when I got home from watching the movie I IMed her and was like...What's goin on??!?!?!?! Basically it boiled down to she was waiting for me to talk to her cause I told her before that I needed time or something...and I needed to cool down...and I was waiting for her to give me a reason to trust her again....I do miss her. I miss shopping with her and our "girly time" together....but I don't miss her betrayal. I mean, she really only did this one thing to me...she's done stuff to other people, but you know my policy....or at least you should if you're reading this...ask me if you must....anyway, I guess I'm willing to give her another chance. What makes me real cautious about it, tho, is that people in band still really seem to be against her. I got very anti-Colleen sentiments last night at the competition...so I don't know if I really can trust her....Oh well, y not give it a try, right??? Not like I'm in that whole circle anymore....so even if she does talk about me or whatever doesn't mean anything...right??? I dunno....we'll just hafta see....
This was a damn good post, people!!! I better get some comments on this one....hehe....stay tuned for more updates....
Sunday, September 28th, 2003
7:01 pm
.....I wish I could come up with more creative subjects!
You're Perfect ^^
-Perfect- You're the perfect girlfriend. Which
means you're rare or that you cheated :P You're
the kind of chick that can hang out with your
boyfriend's friends and be silly. You don't
care about presents or about going to fancy
placed. Hell, just hang out. You're just happy
being around your boyfriend.

What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
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That's right, boys! I'm the perfect girlfriend.....hehe

So yeah, I'm having a great time here, but I'm looking forward to going home this weekend. I get Monday and Tuesday off from classes!!! MUAHAHA.....exciting stuff. Anyway, it's story time! So sit back and enjoy....

There was a benefit here at E-Town last night for a disease called AT....the technical name for it is crazny long. If you really wanna know, LOOK IT UP YOURSELF!!!! hehe. Anyway, there were all these acts there. We had a professional beat-box guy that was AMAZING!!! He kicked major ass!!! There were also students that went up and played a few songs and stuff. Then came Phalanx. For those of you that don't know of the wonderful Phalanx yet, you need to come visit me here and see them perform!!! They are a male a capalla group that friggin rox!! So anyway, they did a song called "Good Ole A Capalla", which I love!! They had a bunch of people solo and all. Almost all of the guys in the group are hot, but I had my eye on this one with an amazing voice. All together I think the group did 4 songs. The last one was "Slide" by the Goo Goo Dolls and who happened to do the solo on it but my crush! I had never seen this guy before on campus, but he blew me away. So I came home and looked at the Phalanx site and got his sn. I kept saying to my roommate, "How can I go about this without seeming like a stalker???" Eventually I finally sent him an IM that was something to the effect of "Hey - i got your sn off the Phalanx website, hope that's cool....I just wanted to let you know you guys were awesome tonite!" We started talking and he said ppl were goin over his room and invited me!!! It was 2 in the morning and I was gonna get ready for bed, but my roomate said I had to be crazy to turn down an invitation from a hot guy in Phalanx. I got over there and there was no one to be found. The dorm he's in is usually like party central and it was dead. It was the strangest thing ever. We did that whole....what do you wanna do....i dunno, what do you wanna do....for a while and finally I said why don't we just go for a walk. He had never been to my dorm before (I forgot to mention, he's a freshman too, so it's cool....). We walked down here and talked and he's totally cool!!! He's so sweet!! He seems kinda shy, but totally awesome. He invited me to come hang out whenever or call him or whatever, so I think I'll just hafta take him up on that. My friends kept teasing me that I got some last night, but unfortunately the answer is no.... :*( that's one wierd crying face. Anyway, that's my story. I'm finally meeting more people...and attractive guys!!

I have a feeling Lisa will be totally jealous when she sees this....hehe....don't worry, Lisa, I'll invite you to hang out...we can get to know Phalanx together. Who knows, maybe he hangs out with Mark!!! hehe....

Hope you all enjoyed my lovely story....I'm comin home this FRIDAY!!!!! better be some parties.....or i'm gonna hurt someone.....

Current Mood: excited
Wednesday, September 24th, 2003
3:24 pm
So people need to start writing comments to my entries, I want stuff to read!! HEHE. Anyway, I was just reading a couple of my friends' LJ's.....well, one was a friend's (Mike) LJ, the other was an ex-friend's (Jackie) deadjournal....interesting. So jackie and I stopped being friends like 8 months ago....that was totally me. I got tired of her BS and decided I had no desire to be friends with her anymore cause I was tired of her lies and bs. I was actually quite proud of myself for that. I finally stood up to someone. Some people said I was mean; others congratulated me cause they didn't really like her to being with. Senior year was so full of drama. It was rediculous, but I almost miss it. I said ALMOST....no one would ever really miss that. I do miss some people tho....
Anyway, back to the entry. In Jackie's entry she was talking about all the BS that had gone on, a lot of which seemed to be pointed toward me, but I know I wasn't the only one that had trouble with her. She said how she didn't even feel at home in her hometown anymore; she felt more at home at this play she was doing. That's because it's filled of drama queens just like her!!! JEEZ!!!! Of course she would be comfortable there, people to bitch to!! Anyway, I almost felt sorry, and wanted to make up, but there's no way I would ever do that. Yeah, I miss her. And yeah, I miss the fun times we had. But I couldn't take the chance of her betraying me again and having a way of just screwing things up EVERYWHERE. She kept sayiing how all she was doing was kissing people's asses and being nice to them....but that was almost the problem. She was being so careful to be nice, that she turned out to be a bitch - believe me, that makes sense to me. It's just wierd.....cause I don't hate her....As much as I say I hate people, I don't really HATE anyone. She's just not to be trusted. Sure, I've made mistakes, and I'm sure I piss people off. And I know I can have a big mouth.....but I can also keep a secret. And what separates me from her is I LEARN from my mistakes....I hate to apologize unless it's extremely deserved....I don't know....I just had to vent this cause that entry just really pissed me off.
Other than that my day has been pretty good. My Seminar test wasn't TOO brutal. The colloquium session was boring as anything, but the lady did a powerpoint thing, so it helped point out the main things that we're supposed to write down for our assignment. When I got back from that everyone had already gone to lunch, but I found them, so that's ok. I really didn't do much this afternoon....I thought about sleeping....but still haven't. I did write out my scales for my flute lesson tho. I'm supposed to be ordering books for that. But I can't find exactly what she wants at all, it's really annoying. I e-mailed her, but she hasn't gotten back to me. And she said to get the stuff ASAP....so I hope this all works out. It would be so much easier if I was home at Sam Ash and I could just find the stuff instead of having to look shit up online. There is a music store here in town, but I dunno if I'll get there any time soon. Oh and tonight after band I'm meeting Ryan for dinner at the Jay's. Ryan is awesome; he's so much fun. OK...well enough is enough. I think that's all for today. Hope I get to catch up on my sleep sometime soon!!

Current Mood: indescribable
Tuesday, September 23rd, 2003
10:35 pm
So...I haven't written for a while. I had a pretty good day...but then I had a totally craptastic convo that just brought me down. So it was with Tommy, my ex-boyfriend. It's not what you'd expect from ex's. Tom and I have pretty much become better friends since we broke up. He's 2 years younger than I am, so when we were going out, we just got really stressed about everything. And he gets stressed A LOT to begin with. Everything stresses this boy out!!! He thinks everyone is out to get him, and when I ask what I can do to help he says kill me....OMG!!! There's like a whole big story that goes with it that I'm not gonna type, but it just really depresses me. He's changed so much and it just absolutely kills me! Over the summer I almost saw the old Tommy again, but as soon as school comes he just gets stressed. And he always gets screwed for parts in school plays. That's basically what we were talking about tonight. Some of his best friends have stopped talking to him over the fall student-run play this year. I feel so bad for him! I try to be there and encourage him, but it never works. It really gets to me because last year when we first started dating he could ALWAYS cheer me up!!! He was always in such a great mood and could always make me laugh. Now he's just always depressed. When we were dating I cried over it so much. I still love him so much. I'd rather have him as a friend than as nothing, but he just makes it so hard. I just wanna say, don't you appreciate me at all?!?!?!?!?! Whenever I try to do things for you you just shut me out!!!! I want to help!!!! I almost started crying again tonight which is rediculous cause we're not even together anymore!!! I just wish things were so much different. I don't know why I still feel the way I do about him, but I can't help it. It's so stupid!!! I wish I could tell him, but he wouldn't have it. He hates to have serious conversations, he just ignores me or gives me stupid responses or whatever, changes the subject. Even when we were going out he did this. And it's just so frustrating! I was just telling Sarah and Lisa last night that I get frustrated when people are stupid about relationships. I wish I could figure all this out; well really I wish I could figure HIM out. I miss him so much - I just want to be with him. Don't get me wrong, I would never date him again, it's just too much, but I still love him as a friend and I just wish he would let me help him. The wierd thing is, he actually trusts me a lot more than he trusts others, so as frustrated as I get, I guess I hafta be thankful for that. I don't regret going out with him or getting to know him, it's just FRUSTRATING!!!! FUCK!

Current Mood: crappy
Wednesday, September 17th, 2003
12:09 am
Had a good day, I've been reading Lord of the Rings, Return of the King recently. I knocked out like 150 pages in the past 2 days...that's A LOT for me!!! HEHE....well, I'm kinda tired, but other than that no complaints, I guess. I'd like to find a bf at school - that would make things interesting...but it's not necessary. I'm having fun getting to know my roommate and friends and all. Well, here's the latest quiz. Have fun!!!

Season = Winter
You're Most Like The Season Winter ...

You're often depicted as the cold, distant season.
But you're incredibly intelligent, mature and
Independant. You have an air of power around
you - and that can sometimes scare people off.
You're complex, and get hurt easily - so you
rarely let people in if you can help it. You
can be somewhat of a loner, but just as easily
you could be the leader of many. You Tend to be
negative, and hard to relate to, but you give
off a relaxed image despite being insecure -
and secretly many people long to be like you,
not knowing how deep the Winter season really

Well done... You're the most inspirational of
seasons :)

?? Which Season Are You ??
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Sunday, September 14th, 2003
9:41 pm
Just another lazy day. I actually didn't sleep that late today - I was up by 12!! And I got tons of homework done today. But there was also a lot of lounging, and my roommate and I watched From Hell. We all have a Johnny Depp obsession now because not only is he HOT, but he's really talented, too! So i bought Edward Scissorhands a little while ago - which is just a wierd movie! This friday we were at KMart, which I already posted about where I spent tons of money. I just couldn't pass up a Johnny Depp movie for only $5!! So I got it, and watched it, and it's CRAZY. Jack the Ripper stuff is nuts. And there's people from Harry Potter in it!!! YAY!! Well, that was about all I did today. It's been fun. I'm lovin college. I have the perfect schedule, so I have just enough work, but not so much to overwhelm me. And I have classes I love for the most part, other than my Seminar which is pretty much a waste. I'm still bugging my famile to come to the damn Ren Faire. Guess that's about it!! God bless.

Current Mood: productive
12:16 pm
hello again
So I haven't written in a while. I've been watchiing movies and, of course, doin homework, so I just haven't taken the time. Anyway, iI've had a good weekend. Friday I called my mom and we had a long talk, checking up on Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop and how all the moving is goin. We went to KMart cause I had to pick up tons of stuff. We all got movies, which we didn't need, but who can't resist cheap movies at KMart?? I got Lord of the Rings 2, which I had planned on getting then I picked up From Hell to satisfy more of our Johnny Depp obsession. My roommate, Sarah, and I got John Mayer's new album, "Heavier Things" I think it's called. It's friggin awesome - more variety than "Room for Squares". I spent friggin $64 at KMart!!! And I forgot to ask for our friggin E-Town discount. It's not much, but still!!! I'm so mad at myself! Hopefully I can talk my mom into paying me back for a lot, cause part of it was Sudafed and Shampoo and stuff. We'll see.
Yesterday I slept forever, did laundry, and watched my new LOTR. I love that movie!!! My Roommate worked 2 shifts, so she wasn't around much. When she got back, our friends Ryan and Alana came over for Sarah to cut their hair. She's awesome at that. While she was doin that we watched QAF, and the Sarah and I continued after Ryan and Alana left to go to a dance club in Harrisburg. Yes, surprisingly there is some life in Harrisburg. Oh, I actually managed to get homework done during QAF, too. I was very surprised!! So, contrary to popular belief, I'm not a total slacker!
Well, i guess that's about it. It's been a lazy, but fun weekend. A lot of our friends are home for the weekend, so there's not too much to do. I miss people at home, I'm still trying to talk my family into coming to the Ren Faire. Fun stuff. I'm off for more homework....

Current Mood: blah
Thursday, September 11th, 2003
9:31 pm
muy bien
I'd say today was a good day over-all. I didn't really wanna drag my ass out of bed, but classes were good. Thursdays are really good, but also really bad. I love my Spanish class and International Relations is OK. Then I have a lunch break and then Horsemanship!! That is the most fun class ever! I always wanted to take horseback riding lessons, so now is my chance. Today was the first day we actually got to get on the horses, but we didn't really get to GO anywhere on them. My roommate's horse seemed pretty pissed the whole time. It was pretty funny. My horse is named SJ. I don't know what that stands for, but he's cool none-the-less. My roommate and her friend that drive us to class are kinda scared of the lady that leads us. She's old and kinda wierd, but her intentions are good and I think she's pretty cool. She at least has the fact that she's old goin gor her....that's cool.
The bad part of Thrusday comes when I have to work. I am stuck for 3 hours in a room with dirty, smelly, greasy pots. I hafta clean them. What fun!!! It's seriously not that bad except for the fact that my hands get all nasty and pruny. I'm definitely ready for a shower when I get outta there. I reak of horses AND grease.
Well, my roommate is at the Dave Matthews (EEEWWWWW!!!) concert tonite, so I'm gonna watch a movie (most likely Boondock Saints) with her friend, and my friend too, I guess, Lisa. She's cool. She's wierd...hehe. She'll probably read this and yell at me. But oh well.
Well, I think that's long enough for today. Enjoy!!

Current Mood: content
Wednesday, September 10th, 2003
11:18 pm
OK, so I know I just posted, but Sarah is on the phone neglecting to help me decorate my side of the room (which was her idea anyway), so I'm taking quizzes from my brother's LJ and decided to come post. Well, I took the What's Your Sex Sign and found out I'm a Cancer. I didn't exactly like what was in it, so I'm not gonna post it here, but go find out for yourself.
Next quiz, braodswords
You are a claymore! Large sharp, double-edged,
your very name means great. If you have one
weakness it is that you're heavy and

What kind of sword are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
OK, well his 3rd quiz was what kind of subatomic particle are you, and that's just DORKY! So I'm gonna skip that one to save us all. Enjoy yourselves, but not too much! And I will be back soon to post an actual journal entry instead of this BS!
10:16 pm
randomness is happiness!
OK, well this is my first post, so I guess you could call me an LJ virgin. hehe. My subject here hasta do with someone back home. My ex-boyfriend to be exact. He's a very random person, so this is one of my all-time favorite quotes. Well, I guess that's good enough for now. To ye who respond, give me some ideas on what to write aboot!!
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